Helping You Obtain The Alimony You Deserve

Spousal support or alimony pendente lite is typically designed to financially support the dependant spouse during the divorce litigation. There is a formula that was created by Pennsylvania lawmakers to streamline this process. However, there are certain circumstances that require stepping outside of this formula and developing a plan that is as unique as your needs. By taking a close look at your financial needs and those of your spouse, I can help you understand what type of spousal support would be most beneficial to you.

Are You Entitled To Spousal Support?

Alimony is often a hotly debated area of family law. One or both spouses may feel the desire to be vindicated for any wrongdoing they feel has affected them. While I believe these emotions are often very real, they are not always based on facts that can be used when determining alimony. I am dedicated to giving my clients the respect and understanding they deserve as I help them make educated, practical decisions about their futures.

Alimony may be awarded after the divorce process has concluded. Alimony is not awarded in all cases; the court considers many factors. To determine how to use these factors in a way that will cater to your best interests, you must retain an experienced family law attorney. I am Law Offices of Lisa Standish, and at my firm, the Lisa Standish, I have worked with a variety of individuals as they navigate the complexities of alimony.

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