Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements Allow Couples To Evaluate Their Finances Together

Prenuptial agreements have long been stigmatized as planning for a marriage to fail. This is generally not true. A prenuptial agreement allows couples to examine their finances together before they get married.

Talking openly and honestly about money prior to marriage can be beneficial. Money is one of the most common things couples fight about. With a prenuptial agreement, you know where each partner stands, and you work together to evaluate your finances. Once you are married, this may make handling financial matters easier.

A Prenuptial Agreement Fosters An Honest Dialogue

Over more than 15 years, I have helped numerous couples in the Pittsburgh area create prenuptial agreements at the Lisa Standish. Though signing a prenuptial agreement may feel like planning for the worst, I find for many couples it provokes a frank, honest dialogue.

Talking about money often makes people uncomfortable. That is why, as a lawyer, I approach each case with sensitivity and make sure both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Divorce is not the only scenario prenuptial agreements can assist. My firm also helps couples create agreements that guide how assets will be distributed, if the other spouse passes away. A prenuptial agreement can address concerns like:

  • Waiving the right to spousal support
  • Stating a property passes to a spouse’s children
  • Confirming ownership of a family business remains with that family
  • Setting aside college tuition for children

Postnuptial Agreements Can Eliminate Emotional Discord

Postnuptial agreements offer married couples the ability to outline many of the same things as prenuptial agreements. Perhaps you did not have time to create a prenuptial agreement, or maybe your finances are more complex now. A postnuptial agreement can guide property distribution, alimony concerns, provisions for children and other financial issues you may want to address after you are married.

A postnuptial agreement can also provoke an honest conversation about financial plans. By planning ahead, I try to help couples eliminate some of the emotional discord that may occur during a divorce.

Working Together To Create A Secure Financial Future

In Pennsylvania, both a prenuptial and a postnuptial agreement are treated like a business contract. While other states may find some agreements unreasonable, the Keystone State generally assumes these contracts were created by equal partners. Only in cases where one partner did not disclose all of his or her financial information would a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement be questioned.

Drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is complex. As a longtime family law attorney, I have guided numerous Pittsburgh couples through the process. I understand no one is planning for their marriage to fail, rather you want to work together to create a more secure financial future.

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