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How Pennsylvania spouses can keep stress to a minimum in divorce

No two Pennsylvania marriages are exactly the same; therefore, neither are any two divorces. When a couple chooses to divorce, they often encounter various challenges regarding child custody, property division or other issues that can make the entire process quite stressful. The good news is that there are support systems in place to help spouses minimize stress and maximize their changes of achieving fair and agreeable settlements.  

There are different types of stress related to divorce. Stress related to financial matters or highly charged emotions are most common. However, one thing a spouse can do to keep stress levels low is focus on the ultimate goals at hand, which are often connected to protection of interests and building new lifestyles. 

Pennsylvania divorce rate has skyrocketed

Pennsylvania is one of the largest states in the nation. One can logically assume that this means it also has one of the highest populations. Perhaps being a large state has something to do with the reason the divorce rate has increased so much there since 1950. Regardless what causes most divorces in this state or any other, the fact remains that more people now than ever are choosing to end their marriages in court. 

If there are more people in Pennsylvania now than there were nearly 70 years ago, there are likely more marriages taking place as well. If there are more marriages taking place, there are bound to be more divorces, too. It is similar to traffic situations where more cars on the road increases the likelihood of collision.

Divorce mediation: Here are some basic facts

When Pennsylvania spouses decide to divorce, they can choose which process they wish to facilitate to accomplish their goals. In situations where one of the spouses wishes to contest the divorce, or a couple is facing property division or custody problems they can't resolve on their own, they may determine that litigation is necessary. However, many people are able to use the mediation process to negotiate settlements without going to court.  

Mediation is not only used in divorce but business as well. While the process is basically the same on both fronts, the issues being negotiated would obviously differ. When a couple wants to simplify the divorce process by using mediation, there are several things they should know ahead of time.  

The benefits of collaborative divorce

When getting divorced, a person may not at all like the idea of a long and bitter court battle. Thankfully, divorces don’t have to go this way. There are alternatives to divorce litigation. One is the collaborative divorce process.

Collaborative divorce is an outside-of-court method for resolving important divorce issues. In this process, both parties are generally represented by their own lawyer. The parties and their attorneys meet together to negotiate and work out agreements on the various issues in the divorce. As part of this arrangement, a “no court” agreement is generally signed. This agreement makes it so if the collaborative process isn’t ultimately able to keep the divorce out of litigation, the attorneys that represented the parties in the collaborative process have to withdraw.