Harnessing The Power Of Mediation

If you are going through divorce or face a custody dispute, you probably have questions about how best to resolve disputes with the other party. Many people are turning to mediation as an alternative to traditional litigation and are enjoying the benefits.

At the Law Offices of Lisa Standish, I can help you explore all of your dispute resolution options, including mediation. If you decide mediation is right for you, I can guide you through all aspects of the process.

How It Works

In mediation, disputing parties get together with a neutral third party who facilitates the discussion and resolution of legal disputes. In a divorce, these disputes may involve creating parenting plans and custody schedules, and other sensitive and potentially high-conflict issues.

The neutral third-party mediator may provide knowledge and insight on what the law states and how a court would be likely to rule on such matters. The mediator guides the communication of the parties so as to enable the parties to work together to find mutually acceptable solutions.

Mediation offers a number of advantages. First and foremost, it puts control in the hands of the disputing parties, not a family court judge. Typically, mediated divorces are less expensive and less contentious than traditionally litigated divorces. When people sit down and work with the assistance of the mediator to effectively communicate, the process of finding mutually acceptable solutions is often more efficient and more satisfying for both parties. 

Discuss Mediation With An Experienced Family Law Attorney

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