Obtaining Fair Child Custody Outcomes

Coming to terms with the fact that you will no longer be able to put your child to bed each night is an aspect of divorce that is perhaps one of the most jarring and difficult to stomach. The process for determining custody can be lengthy and often complex and emotionally taxing. Each family is different, and each parent deserves a lawyer who will take the time to understand these differences and plan for a future that supports healthy development and loving relationships.

Experienced Guidance In Child Custody Matters

I am attorney Law Offices of Lisa Standish, and at my firm, I believe in the importance of respect and understanding. By remaining approachable and utilizing my experience, I am able to guide my clients in Pittsburgh, Wexford and throughout Allegheny County to the best outcome possible. I will listen carefully to your concerns and goals, and I will give you the straightforward information you need to make educated decisions about your situation.

In Allegheny County, when anyone files for custody, he or she is required to go through a series of seminars and mediation sessions before an attorney can be included in the discussion. If you are unable to settle your issues within these meetings, I can help you develop a custody plan that serves the best interests of your children.

Pennsylvania defines custody as legal and physical. Legal custody pertains to the decision-making about a child’s schooling, day care, religion, health care and more. Physical custody relates to where the child will spend his or her time. Custody can be shared or one parent can be granted primary custody and the other partial custody.

As your Pittsburgh child custody lawyer, I will help you determine what kind of custody will work best for you and your child in a way that is compassionate, sensitive and clearheaded.

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