Is A Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

Making the decision to get a divorce is often the hardest part of the process for individuals who are willing to move forward in a collaborative way. The choice to engage in a collaborative divorce initiates a long line of additional open-ended questions. The answers, however, are always up to the parties involved, not a judge.

I am attorney Law Offices of Lisa Standish, and I use my more than 15 years of experience helping a variety of Pennsylvania individuals in Pittsburgh, Wexford and throughout Allegheny County as they pursue the benefits of a collaborative divorce. This style of divorce puts the decision-making power back into the hands of each spouse.

Guiding You Through The Collaborative Divorce Process

Collaborative divorce takes an arduous journey and opens up a series of pathways. Each spouse gets to determine which path he or she wants to take and he or she can develop new paths as needed. I serve as a guide, giving my clients the information they need to make educated decisions about their situation and choose the paths that best support their goals for the future.

Collaborative divorce does not mean that each spouse sits at the negotiation table void of any negative emotion. This is still a very challenging time for both parties. I help my clients understand the difference between facts and emotions as we build a divorce agreement that is as unique as their marriage was.

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