Changing Your Child Support Order To Reflect Life’s Changes

Every Pennsylvanian experiences ups and downs, and there may come a time when you need to modify your child support agreement to reflect these changes. Perhaps the other parent’s circumstances have improved, or may be your earning potential has changed. Your children’s needs may also have shifted, so revisiting your child support agreement could become necessary.

When your agreement was initially created, the court looked at issues like:

  • The amount of time spent with each parent
  • The assets and income of each parent
  • The financial obligations of the parents
  • The ages and needs of your children

To modify child support, you will need to show one or more of these circumstances have changed. Creating a strong case that supports your request for modification is crucial.

Helping Your Family Through This Transition

I established my firm, the Lisa Standish, to assist Pennsylvania families working through these times of transition. I understand your first concern is the welfare of your children. However, I also recognize child support agreements are designed to treat each party fairly. When you or your former spouse’s position changes, so too should the support agreement.

The court will expect substantial support for your modification request. I will examine your finances and work with you to build a case that justifies a change to your child custody agreement.

Providing Your Children With The Care They Need

After more than 15 years working as a family law attorney, I know how frequently life changes occur. I have assisted numerous individuals with modifying child support agreements. I also understand that changing a child support agreement is a difficult topic to discuss.

At the Lisa Standish, as a lawyer, I treat each case with a sensitive and practical approach. I want you to feel comfortable throughout the entire process. We will work together to ensure your children continue to receive the care they need to grow and mature.

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Modifying a child custody agreement does not have to be painful. I will use my experience as a family law attorney to navigate the process smoothly and effectively. Call me at 412-944-2204 or email me to discuss your case today. From my office in Wexford, I serve clients throughout the Pittsburgh area.