Fighting For Equitable Child Support Arrangements

Child support is an important element in a divorce involving children. This financial aid is used to give your child access to a life that resembles the one he or she had before the divorce. Child support is also financial aid for children of parents who are not married. Child support is designed around the child’s needs with the parents’ income serving as a guide.

Child support is determined according to a set of guidelines developed by the state of Pennsylvania. Make no mistake, while there are simple calculators available on the internet that anyone can use, the factors to be considered before using such calculators are complex and require the eye of an experienced attorney. This is especially true for the complex issues of income and expenses such as those required by special needs children that cannot be addressed by these calculators.

Comprehensive Child Support Representation

I am attorney Law Offices of Lisa Standish, and I have more than 15 years of experience working with a variety of Pennsylvania individuals as they determine their child support agreement, adjust any former agreements or pursue enforcement. I take a close look at your financial availability and limits as I help you navigate this complex process.

Deviations are allowed for those in special circumstances, but if you are looking for a more personally designed child support agreement, you can seek my legal advice in collaborative family law. In these situations, there is no formula and you need not adhere to any guidelines. We take a commonsense approach and apply it to giving your children what they really need.

Regardless of which path you choose, I will provide honest, straightforward advice and be at your side from our first meeting well beyond the signing of your divorce decree or agreement. I create long-lasting, trusting relationships with my clients that are founded on respect, approachability and a mutual understanding of your goals.

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To schedule an initial consultation with a Pittsburgh child support lawyer, please contact me online or call my Wexford office at 412-944-2204 or toll free at 800-596-4691. I look forward to hearing from you.