Why Collaborative Divorce May Be Right For You

There is more than one way to resolve a divorce dispute. Many people in Allegheny County and throughout Pennsylvania are keeping their families out of court using alternative dispute resolution solutions such as Collaborative Process. At the Law Offices of Lisa Standish, I have extensive experience guiding people through the collaborative law process and helping them resolve divorce disputes in a more amicable, dignified, efficient and private manner. I am here to guide you to a successful resolution of disputes regarding divorce, child custody, property division and other family law matters.

A Number Of Attractive Advantages

A collaborative divorce offers many distinct advantages over a traditionally litigated divorce. Some of the advantages include:

  • Each party agrees to openly disclose documents and information
  • Outside neutral experts are enlisted to provide facts and insight and are shared by the parties
  • Children are insulated from the process, unless their voice is necessary, which may be brought the discussion through the use of a Child Specialist
  • The parties must keep disputes out of court and may not even threaten court action. If the process does not result in a settlement, both parties have to retain new attorneys to proceed to court.

This last item provides strong incentive for disputing parties to find common ground. The attorneys are also bound to the agreement, which provides an added layer of motivation for everyone to work together in creating mutually acceptable resolutions.

Embracing A Different Mindset

It’s easy to get into a negative mindset and approach divorce in a combative manner. Emotions run high in any divorce situation. Collaborative process, however, focuses on how to transform the family, not tear it apart. Collaborative divorce is about creative problem solving. If you are ready to resolve your family issues using the Collaborative Process, I am here to provide you with advice, insight and representation.

To learn more about collaborative law in Pennsylvania and how it can be of benefit to you, contact my law office online or by telephone at 412-944-2204.