How to recognize the signs of a divorce

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Unfortunately, many marriages do not last. According to World Population Review, the divorce rate in Pennsylvania sits at 10 percent. This number is relatively low compared to the rest of the country. However, married couples need to know the signs that a divorce might be possible.

If you have doubts about your marriage, continue reading to learn a few signs of divorce. Avoid the feeling of an ambush when your spouse approaches you with a divorce.

Refusal to discuss the issues

Silence is not a good sign for your marriage. Not every couple talks about the issues in their marriage, but if you put in the effort and your spouse does not want to engage at all, they might already have a divorce planned.

Relentless criticism

On the other hand, unceasing criticism is not good either. If you or your spouse constantly point out each other’s faults, this is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Every strong couple can withstand constructive criticism. However, too much will quickly end a marriage.

Defensive behavior

You should not be afraid to walk around your own house or do the things you enjoy. If you constantly feel on the defense or like you must justify your actions, divorce might be in your near future. Also, your defensive response might be just as damaging to your marriage as your spouse’s attacks.

Not every negative feeling or argument is a guarantee that divorce is inevitable. However, consistent behavior and feelings of negativity are good indicators that your marriage might not last much longer. Try to approach your spouse about your concerns. Sometimes, divorce is the best option for an unhappy marriage.