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What are the signs that mediation is not right for your divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Divorce |

You know that you no longer want to stay married to your spouse, but you do not know whether mediation fits your divorce desires. Should you consider traditional divorce instead? 

To decide, see what Lifehacker says about signs that mediation may not work. Get the insights you need to make the right decision. 

You cannot accept your future ex’s POV

Rather than an amicable split, you and your current spouse may harbor disagreements about the reason for your divorce or marriage. If you cannot accept your spouse’s perspective, or if she or he cannot accept yours, then mediation may cause problems rather than put an end to them. 

You hold on to resentment

Do you want a positive outcome for your current partner’s future? If you search your heart and find resentment buried in the corners, that may manifest in your mediation sessions. To have a productive outcome with mediation, you must want to see your spouse succeed without you at her or his side. Otherwise, things may take a turn for the worst. 

You cannot self-advocate

Perhaps you have a hard time standing up for yourself. If so, you may become a mat for everyone to walk on during mediation. You must stand up for your interests and know when to push back. 

You want a quick resolution

Mediation may not work well for people in a hurry. It is not unusual to hear of couples who start mediation and do not finish until a couple of years later. If you want to get a divorce as soon as possible, consider going the traditional route rather than mediation. 

Give careful consideration to the right way to end your marriage. Mediation does not work for everyone, and that is OK.