How to select a mediator

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When people get a divorce, they may pursue mediation. There are a few things people should consider as they select a mediator. 

While mediation can help shorten the divorce proceedings, it still takes time. According to FindLaw, many couples can complete the mediation process in one or two months. However, it may take other people up to six months to find a good arrangement. Because people will spend a lot of time with their mediator, they should ask themselves a few questions before they choose someone to work with. 

How much will it cost?

According to the Huffington Post, mediators may charge their clients either a flat fee or by the hour. People should ask for a breakdown of the total cost so they understand how the mediator will use this time. Once people see the fees for several different mediators, they can compare these rates. 

How much education does a mediator have?

Mediators may have diverse backgrounds. People should look for some of the following qualifications: 

  • A certification in dispute resolution 
  • A background in Pennsylvania divorce law 
  • A specialization in divorce and family mediation 

People may also want to choose a mediator who has studied psychology or child development. Additionally, people should ask mediators how often they attend seminars and mediation training. A good mediator should stay up-to-date in the field. 

How comfortable do people feel with the mediator?

Mediation sessions may last for at least an hour and many couples need numerous sessions to work out a settlement. As people interview mediators, they should ask themselves whether they feel comfortable talking to this person. Does the mediator seem impartial? Does this person listen well? Questions like these may be determining factors once people compare a mediator’s fees and background.