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Address the location of your custody exchange during mediation

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Divorce |

Even though your marriage is ending, you may not have much interest in a protracted court battle. Fortunately, you likely have some options for a more peaceful divorce. With one of these, divorce mediation, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse voluntarily work with a neutral mediator to settle divorce-related issues.

During mediation, you may find consensus on both large and small matters, including property division or spousal support. If you have children and plan to share custody, you may also want to address the location of your custody exchange.

What is a custody exchange?

With a shared custody arrangement, you meet with your ex-spouse to hand off the kids at the beginnings and ends of your parenting time. While there is probably no legal requirement for you to include the precise location of the custody exchange in your custody agreement or parenting plan, doing so may help you avoid future disagreements.

Where should the custody exchange happen?

Custody exchanges can take place virtually anywhere. Still, because you probably must travel to the site at least one time per week, you want to choose a convenient and accessible location. Your children’s school, a public park or a shopping center may be good options.

Can you not simply use either parent’s home?

While exchanging the kids at your house or your ex-spouse’s may be convenient, it may not be the right approach. After all, seeing each other in your post-divorce worlds may cause sadness, anger or resentment.

Instead of swapping the kids at either parent’s residence, pick a neutral site that is about equidistant between each. If you eventually decide your home or your ex-spouse’s is appropriate, you can likely change the location of the custody exchange in the future.