The complicated reality of dating during divorce

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Getting divorced can surface very different emotions for people depending on what caused their marriage to crumble in the first place, personality traits, past traumas and whether or not they have an adequate support system. People in Pennsylvania who are getting divorced may cope with their grief in vastly different ways and over varying time periods.

One burning question that many people have is whether or not dating is okay or appropriate while their divorce is still underway. While the answer itself is a personal decision, people should understand some common complications that could arise.

Self-discovery can prevent irrational behavior

While people may be tempted to immediately seek companionship in another relationship, their urgency may prevent them from creating a relationship built on trust and values. Rather, they may find themselves seeking immediate gratification and thus formulating a relationship backward which could lead to problems down the road.

According to Today, once people start the divorce process, they should reassess their individuality. They should look closely at their goals and aspirations, their desires for their future and the boundaries they need to develop to achieve their dreams. One way they can do this is by doing things that bring them happiness, fulfillment and motivation. Spending time doing things they enjoy may help people to redevelop a sense of self-respect and self-confidence which are critical to their confidence and success in pursuing new relationships.

Leaving the past before moving forward

People who wish to minimize the drama and emotional complexity of divorce may benefit from waiting to date until their divorce is finished. If they do decide to pursue a new relationship while their divorce is still underway Psychology Today recommends that people prioritize what is most important to them in terms of a relationship so they can protect what is critical to their survival. Setting expectations in conjunction with identifying priorities may also help people to maintain a healthy balance in their life when so many things are going on.