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Woman in another state finalizes her divorce in a unique way

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Many Pennsylvania residents will be among those throughout the nation who decide to end their marriages in court before this year’s end. Some are looking for the swiftest, quietest, uncontentious ways to finalize divorce, simply wanting to leave their pasts behind and move on to new lifestyles. Others, like a woman in another state, prefer to end their marriages with a bit more fanfare.

The woman in this case said she liked the idea her father and brothers had regarding how she could find closure after the court issued her divorce decree. They suggested she blow up her wedding dress and host a party so that all her loved ones and friends could celebrate the closing of that chapter of her life. One friend, who apparently has expertise in explosives, was a bit worried that the group was planning to use too much but they assured him they were going to be safe.

The woman’s father owns the farm where they held the party. She used her wedding gown as the target at 200 yards out and lined it with enough explosives to produce an enormous fireball and cause a quake that was felt some 15 miles away. Many people telephoned the house to ask if everything was okay.

Most people who divorce in Pennsylvania are not likely to blow up their wedding clothes or other memorabilia of their marriages. However, many will indeed feel the need to reach out for support from family and friends as they come to terms with their situations and adapt to new lifestyles. In addition to family and friends, those facing complicated legal issues can seek support from experienced family law attorneys.