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What if declining divorce rate does not apply to your situation?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

A study at a university in another state suggests that marriages in Pennsylvania and elsewhere last longer today than they have in recent decades. While the overall national divorce rate, especially among millennials, appears to be declining, that doesn’t help those currently facing serious marital problems or legal issues regarding their own divorces. In sort, while less couples may be heading for court, those who still are need strong support.  

Younger generations reportedly wait until they are much older to get married as opposed to their elder counterparts, who often married quite young. Baby boomers not only married younger than millennials do today, they have a much higher rate of divorce and remarriage compared to other age groups. Some marriage analysts say they are surprised at the apparent decrease in a generation where people are typically more receptive and accepting of divorce than their ancestors might have been.  

Recent studies suggest that in addition to marrying at older ages, millennials are often better off financially and are also more highly educated than their elders would have been when they married. In short, there appears to be less people marrying but more people staying married nowadays. In light of such information, it is important to know what type of support is available to those who determine their marriages are no longer viable, whether or not they happen to be millennials.  

Talking to close friends or family members who have gone through divorce is often the first logical step to take when facing a similar situation. An experienced Pennsylvania family law attorney can also be a great asset. This is especially true if a spouse foresees legal problems down the line regarding disagreements about how the divorce should be settled.