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Divorce: Practical tips for keeping stress levels low

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2018 | Divorce, Firm News |

Every year there are many Pennsylvania couples who end their marriages. Reasons for doing so vary, but those that do separate often find they can relate to others who have gone through similar experiences. Divorce is stressful and affects every person in the family, not just the spouses themselves. No two families will handle divorce or adapt to new lifestyles in exactly the same way.

When children are involved, both parents must keep their best interests in mind when navigating the family law system. If kids witness parents working together to develop amicable co-parenting plans, they are more likely to successfully adapt to their new lifestyles. If parents are constantly fighting over such topics, children may internalize those problems and, perhaps, even blame themselves for the divorce.

Being willing to cooperate, compromise and peacefully communicate are key factors to keep stress levels low in divorce. Some spouses choose mediation to accomplish their goals rather than litigate the issues. For this process to work, however, both spouses must be willing to discuss, not fight over each issue that factors into their settlement, such as custody, property division and other financial issues.

Reaching out for support is also a tangible means for addressing one’s own needs and for helping kids cope with divorce as well. There are many resources available for Pennsylvania parents, such as community groups, licensed counseling services and experienced legal representation. By being proactive and taking advantage of assistance that is available, parents can keep stress to a minimum and achieve a settlement that satisfies their family’s needs.