What to look for in a divorce or custody mediator

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Family Law, Family Law Mediation |

Not every Pennsylvania divorce or child custody matter is navigable through mediation. However, if yours is, you may find that ending your marriage or setting your custody dispute in this manner leads to several notable benefits. Mediation may save you considerable money, for starters. It may, too, help preserve the relationships that exist between you and your ex, which is important if you plan to co-parent after your divorce.

Once you decide to move forward with divorce or custody mediation, you need to find a mediator who is able to work well with both of you. When looking for a divorce or custody mediator, it is wise to look for someone who has the same two things you want in just about any type of professional you hire: relevant training and relevant experience.

Relevant training

You want to choose a divorce mediator who is not only well-versed in mediation, but is also well-versed in the specific divorce laws in place in Pennsylvania. The more education and training an attorney has that is specific to your geographic location and area of need, the better.

Relevant experience

Be wary of selecting a “one-size-fits-all” attorney to handle your divorce. Instead, seek out someone experienced in not just divorce, but divorce mediation. An attorney who focuses on high-conflict divorces is likely not a great fit. Instead, ask a prospective attorney how many mediation-specific divorce or custody cases he or she has handled.

Mediating your divorce may help you sock away more money you may need for a down payment, security deposit or other post-divorce expenses. However, the success of your mediation may depend to some degree on your ability to select the right mediator.