What should you expect from divorce mediation?

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Pennsylvania couples like you may face disputes on the road to divorce. Some of these disputes may turn ugly. There is no shame in admitting that you cannot surmount your disputes on your own.

Today, we will look at mediation as a tool to get through a divorce. It helps resolve some disputes. It can keep conversations civil. In the meanwhile, you can try to figure your way through a difficult situation.

Tips to avoid mediation backfiring

HuffPost has an article discussing things you may not know about divorce mediation. For example, some believe mediation gives you an advantage over your partner. This is not true. Not only that, but your mediation attempts may work if you go into them with this attitude. Mediation is not a magic cure-all. You must go into it with good intentions and give it a genuine try.

Mediation is also not legally binding. The only purpose is to help you work through your disputes. At the end of successful mediation, you have a written agreement between partners. It is then up to you to carry out this agreement.

What is a mediator’s purpose?

A mediator’s only purpose is to ensure arguments end and discussion remains civil. Also, a mediator cannot tell you what to do. They offer suggestions based on their experience as a mediator and what they hear from you. Even if they suggest a certain path of action, you are under no obligation to take it.

It is important to understand the purpose of mediation and how much power a mediator has. This way, it is easier to work through the process. Just stay aware of the most important thing: cooperation is necessary.