Things to know about family law mediation

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Perhaps you have determined that your marriage is no longer sustainable. You and your spouse have agreed to divorce and you both want to handle the situation as amicably as possible. Especially regarding your children and a future co-parenting plan, you’re both hoping to be able to negotiate a fair agreement without having to fight things out in court. Pennsylvania family law mediation may be a viable option for you.

Mediation is a negotiating process that takes place outside a courtroom. For it to work, you and your spouse must agree to discuss all matters of importance in a calm and respectful manner. You must also agree that certain issues will not be brought up, such as anything and everything the two of you may have fought about during marriage.

An experienced family law attorney can act as mediator in your sessions. In this capacity, the attorney does not legally represent either spouse. The attorney’s job in this situation is to facilitate peaceful and productive discussion in order to help you and your spouse devise a fair and functional co-parenting plan, as well as an agreeable divorce settlement.

A Pennsylvania judge must still approve your plan before it takes effect. The Lisa Standish in Pittsburgh are committed to helping you achieve resolutions that support your family’s best interests as you take the first steps toward a new lifestyle. If you would like to request a meeting to discuss family law mediation or any other aspect of divorce, you may do so by accessing the contact form, conveniently located on our website.