Pennsylvania divorce rate has skyrocketed

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Pennsylvania is one of the largest states in the nation. One can logically assume that this means it also has one of the highest populations. Perhaps being a large state has something to do with the reason the divorce rate has increased so much there since 1950. Regardless what causes most divorces in this state or any other, the fact remains that more people now than ever are choosing to end their marriages in court. 

If there are more people in Pennsylvania now than there were nearly 70 years ago, there are likely more marriages taking place as well. If there are more marriages taking place, there are bound to be more divorces, too. It is similar to traffic situations where more cars on the road increases the likelihood of collision.

Logic aside, however, Pennsylvania’s increased divorce rate is astounding. In fact, there are greater than 170 percent more divorces now than there were in 1950. As for marriages, there has been more than an 18 percent decrease since the same year. It seems certain counties have higher divorce rates than others, with Cameron County ranking high at nearly 1,500 divorces in 2017 alone.  

Pennsylvania residents whose marriages are headed for divorce will be glad to know they do not have to go it alone. There are strong support networks in place to help divorcing spouses and their families navigate the family justice system. Every couple’s situation is unique; therefore, so are their needs and goals in divorce. An experienced family law attorney can be a great asset to help achieve a fair and satisfactory settlement.