Pittsburgh Divorce Mediator

As it occurs outside of the court process, mediation is another option for people who are considering a divorce. Mediators can help lead the parties' discussion regarding any element of their divorce or other matter, and can navigate power imbalances, uncertainty or miscommunication.

Family Law Mediation In Pennsylvania

I am attorney Lisa Standish, and as a mediator, I believe it is important for individuals to make their own decisions. Sometimes individuals need assistance in their communication styles or negotiations. I create an environment for my clients so they can work together and come to their own agreements in a mutually respectable and safe manner. By approaching my clients sensitively and practically, I am able to offer a layer of common sense that sometimes goes missing due to the emotional nature of family law.

Family law issues are emotional. I do not try to bury these emotions or disregard them. Rather, we organize them so we understand where they are best served and how we can use the facts to reach a resolution that supports the interests of your family and your particular situation.

I am committed to giving my clients the respect and understanding they deserve as I educate them on the interworking of family law. As a mediator, I do not represent or advocate for either party in a dispute. I advise both parties to obtain their own outside counsel for legal advice.

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